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Welcome to Kinship Theater!

Rav'n Moon--You Know Me
Third Kind at Western Sky
Yuletide Fun Ride
Third Kind Improv
Walk for MS
memorial run kindness
#unpresidented rehearsal
Third Kind rehearsal
LGBTQ+ You: A Variety Benefit for Tr
Paper Crane Peace Project
Improv Hootenany
Third Kind rehearsal
LGBTQ+ You: A Variety Benefit for Tr
LGBTQ+ You: A Variety Benefit for Tr
LGBTQ+ You: A Variety Benefit for Tr
#unpresidented rehearsal
Improv at Riverside
Rehearsal dog
Third Kind Birthday Party
LGBTQ+ You: A Variety Benefit for Tr

In the News  

Curtains for Kinship


Is it intermission or the final curtain? We aren't totally sure. While we don't see this as a permanent goodbye, we also don't have any plans for the foreseeable future; all we know is we are sleepy bears who need a long rest! Life as an artist is hard, and we don't have to tell you all that the cost of living, inflation, and social stresses have made the daily struggle harder than it has ever been. While we love what we have built together, the energy to sustain it is too great right now. That might change one day, so we aren't closing down for good, but we wanted our beloved community to know where we stand. 


Our future may be uncertain, but one things is not: our gratitude. We are beyond grateful to everyone who has come along for the ride with us! You are our Kind of people, and we couldn't feel luckier. Thank you, thank you.

Community Spotlight 

Western Sky Bar and Taproom

Western Sky is more than a neighborhood bar. A locally-owned business, Wester Sky values community, kindness, fun, friendly conversation, and unique experiences like great live music, comedy, and events that bring together like-minded folks for a great night out. And of course, they love a good drink, and offers dozens of craft beers and ciders on tap including sours, porters, pilsners, pale ales, and even non-alcoholic options!

We love Western Sky, and you can see us performing there or just hanging out and having a good time! We encourage you to support your local business--stop by today for happy hour, karaoke, or just a good hang on the patio.

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