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The Best Tickets Around 

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At Kinship we use a Pay How You Can ticketing system for all shows unless otherwise noted. Never heard of it before? That's okay—we made it up!

The Pay How You Can system has three flexible options for admission, so there's a way for everyone to get what they need.


You can get tickets ahead of time by clicking below, or by purchasing them at the door day-of if that's more your style.  

Price: $12.00/online, $15.00/door (unless we're using a super special price instead, but we'll tell you if we are)!


Get admission to the show by liking our Facebook page and doing a check-in on social media at the door!

Price: $0.00!


Gain entry by committing to one hour of service with Kinship Theater on one of our upcoming Kindnesses! You can choose the Kindness that best fits your schedule and areas of interest.

Price: $0.00!

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