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Meet Our Officers

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Tara Wolfe


My name is Tara Wolfe and I am the Artistic Director of Kinship Theater! I have a BFA with Dual Honors in Directing, Playwriting, and Production with an emphasis in Directing from the University of the Arts, and an MA in Professional Creative Writing from the University of Denver. I am also a Peer Support Specialist for the Colorado Support Line, a resource dedicated to helping individuals in moments of crisis. I have spent the last fourteen years studying theater, and after practicing my craft in Philadelphia, San Diego, and Denver, I sought to create Kinship as a means to change the landscape of modern theater while connecting to my community through Kindness. In addition to my work with Kinship, I also serve my community as a judge for the Colorado Theater Guild's Henry Awards, and as a commissioner on the Denver Commission for People with Disabilities. When I am not in the theater, I enjoy reading, horror movies, advocacy work, and playing with my dog children.

Sebastian Wolfe


I'm Sebastian Wolfe and I have my BFA in Acting from the University of the Arts and a Masters in Education. I am a swashbuckler with a love of the stage, and I have been involved in theater for the past fifteen years, with no plans to stop anytime soon! As a certified Actor Combatant, I have spent years training in various styles of combat, from sword and shield to found weapons to African Walking Stick. When I'm not learning how to fake kill people, I spend my professional life improvising, teaching, and streaming video games on Twitch! I also enjoy adventurous eating, Jugger, and playing DnD (which any of you can play with me at any time; it’s really cool, I swear).

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Drea Aiello

I'm Drea!  I was raised (mostly) in Colorado Springs where I attended countless live productions at The Fine Arts Center and UCCS’s Theatreworks.  I became deeply involved in high school theater.  After acting in numerous productions, I discovered a passion for the unseen elements of theater including light design and stagecraft.  My organizational skills were invaluable when I assumed the position of stage manager for nearly three years. Running the logistics of all theatrical aspects in a wildly creative setting proved to be a good fit for my skill set. During this time, I also worked in the kitchen of my parents catering company, and upon graduation I decided to pursue a degree in the Culinary Arts.  A few years ago I enjoyed an improv show by Third Kind and it sparked my interest in improv.  I played around with an informal improv class and finally auditioned for a place with Third Kind.  I am excited to be able to spend my days in the kitchen and nights and weekends in rehearsals and on stage.  My two worlds have beautifully collided!


Jeannette Reed

My name is Jeannette! I was born and raised in Texas, and moved to Colorado in 2017. I've loved theater all my life, starting in elementary school with a production of "Remember the Alamo!" While I no longer perform (sorry Mom), I enjoy bringing my business experience to the equation and helping this company continue its great work. I fell in love with Kinship because of its belief in kindness, which I think the world sorely needs more of. When I am not working at Kinship, I am annoying my wife Caitlyn with useless facts or playing with our two cats, Minerva and Fiyero. 

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