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Game Rules

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The Way of the World

This game explores a world that is similar to, but not quite like, ours through a series of scenes. Based on three key differences suggested by the audience, we'll see the way of this strange new world.


Two improvisers will play a scene. Whenever they hear a direction, they must move either forward or backward through the scene in a comical test of memory and physical endurance. 

Triangle of Death

Three improvisers form a triangle, with each side representing a scene between the two points. The person at the back of the triangle can interrupt the current scene to rotate the triangle any number of times in any direction. When the triangle stops turning, the improvisers must pick up that scene wherever it left off. 


Based on audience suggestions taken before the show, two improvisers will play a scene with two unread lines in their pockets. At any point they can pull out a line and read it, and they must incorporate it seamlessly into their scene right there on the spot.

Prisoner's Dilemma 

A crime, determined by the audience, has taken place. The suspects are working to make a statement that pins the whole thing on the other, but the improvisers guessing have no idea what happened. Using clues from their teammate, each group will compete to uncover the information before the other duo has time to make their statement first, and win the game.

Bonus Round

We'll close out the show with a review of all of the audience's favorite characters and situations using the rules and scene transitions we've employed in all of the show's various games.

Thank you for coming to see us tonight! We'd love to laugh with you again—our next show is at the Voodoo Comedy Playhouse on March 23rd at 7pm!

The best way to stay up-to-date on our performances is to follow us on social media. And while you're there, consider leaving us a review! A few words make a big difference. 

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