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Performance Order

1) Kimberly
2) Janay
3) Rav'n*
4) Jen
5) Lizz
6) Kim*

*denotes a first-hand account

You Know Me features candid discussions of abortion procedures, sexual abuse, and domestic violence. If at any point the content becomes triggering, we invite you to step outside of the theater to care for yourself. 

In loving remembrance of Tyler Drew.

About the Artists


Amanda Behmer (Kimberly)

Amanda is incredibly honored to work with Kinship Theatre for this production. Performance has always been an integral part of Amanda’s life; she has participated in regional competitions, performances, and festivals throughout the state of Colorado. Amanda is a member of the Third Kind improv troupe and is looking forward to continuing her performing arts journey. In her free time, Amanda teaches educational theatre and works at her college where she is obtaining a degree in Biology.


Amber Irish (Jen)

Amber is honored to have the opportunity to participate in tonight’s performance of You Know Me. Her favorite roles have included Leeann in A Piece of My Heart, Becky in Becky Shaw, and Honey in Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf. She'd like to thank Tara for her beautiful direction and patience, the cast for their bravery and talent, and the strong, incredible people who live these stories every day.


Andrea Alfano (Janay)

Andrea has been acting and creating theatre since she was nine years old and hopes to continue forever and ever and ever. She graduated from Adams State University with a BA in Theatre in 2019. Her most recent projects include curating a production of 13 Love Songs and performing in Murder at the Drive In with Audacious Theatre. Andrea is especially passionate about theatre for social change and thanks the audience for attending this very important show. 

2019 Kim ECP headshot.jpg

Kim Bennett (Herself)

Kim is proud to once again be a part of this conversation supporting women's rights and hopes her story will make a difference for future generations of women. Kim lives in Colorado Springs where she loves her work as a Certified Therapeutic Riding Instructor, teaching adults and kids with special needs how to horseback ride. She has two grown children, two growing grandchildren and a crazy border collie pup -  all of who bring love and light into her life each and every day. She thanks all of you for listening to our stories and for supporting this very worthy and important cause. 


Rav'n Moon (Herself)

Rav’n has a passion, and that passion is acting. She loves to entertain and can easily make you laugh, and her favorite thing is to share a smile. Rav’n is a Denver native who has roots all over the Denver Metro area. Rav’n feels that everyone has something beautiful and special to share with the world, and her true talent is her enthusiasm and Joie de Vivre. Having performed improv at VooDoo Comedy School, she got up the courage try stand-up comedy, which then gave her the courage to audition for her first play, Black Berry Love. It’s been a journey of true love ever since! She just finished 1 Night, 6 Plays and some of her credits include, Suicide, Lies, Hamlet, The Itsy Bitsy Stories and Leveau, and she looks forward to performing for you tonight!

Teagan Morin Headshot for Resume_edited_edited.jpg

Teagan Morin (Lizz)

This is Teagan's Colorado debut!  She moved to Northern Colorado from Los Angeles, where she spent 3 years working in the film/TV/Commercial Industry.  She graduated from the University of New Hampshire with a BA in Theatre, Dual Major in International Affairs, and French Studies Minor.  She has since lived in different countries and big cities, but throughout her travels, she always found a way to keep up with her performance art, either through improv classes with ImproAcademy in Paris or sketch comedy classes with Upright Citizen's Brigade in Los Angeles.  She is SO EXCITED to be returning to the stage and focusing back on theatre, and is honored to be included in this production.   

DSC01967 (2)_edited_edited.jpg

Tara Wolfe, Director

Tara Wolfe is a professional director, improviser, and teaching artist located in Littleton, Colorado. She earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts with Dual Honors in Directing from the University of the Arts in 2015, and received her Masters from the University of Denver in 2018. She is the Co-Founder and Producing Artistic Director of Kinship Theater, as well as the director of Third Kind Improv. Her work has been seen all over Denver, including The Clocktower Cabaret, Curious Theatre Company, the Evergreen Players, Bovine Metropolis, and more. She is so grateful to the incredible women who have shared their voices and stories for this production, as well as to the ACLU and Planned Parenthood for their continued fight for reproductive freedom. 

About You Know Me:

A Note from the Director

After we staged You Know Me in 2019, I had hoped it would be the last time. I packed it away as a proud memory, one that would dim as years passed. Then, when Texas approved SB8, I knew it was time to pull the script back off the shelf, and all before it really had any time to collect dust. It is heartbreaking to be here again, advocating for empathy and battling shame, but it’s necessary. Because administrations may change, but this war continues.


One question that came up again and again during this production was “Where are the men?” The new Texas legislation targets people receiving abortion services, but those lawsuits do not apply to the men involved. If someone has consented, the man bears 50% of the responsibility, and if she didn’t, that percentage goes up. So where is the legislation for men? Why do less than one percent of perpetrators of sexual assault ever spend a day in jail? How can a child go eighteen years without their mother ever receiving a child support payment? And why are men considered “real men” for having sex with women, but those same women are labeled whores? People are not running around impregnating themselves, yet the conversation always comes back to the morality and restriction of people with uteruses, never the ones who carry the seed.


There are countless reasons why a person might choose to get an abortion, and all of them are good enough. The most important thing to remember is that behind every procedure, there is a real human person with a life more complex than any outsider can know. You Know Me is a window into those lives that allows us to glimpse the turmoil, the determination, and the boundless courage of people trying to make the best decisions for their health and their future.


Language has power. Stories win wars. It’s the reason conservatives will say “pre-born child” instead of “fetal tissue,” “pro-life” instead of “anti-choice.” We have always been told that abortion is a dirty word. It was something only “those girls” did, a cautionary tale about virtue in a world that sells women’s bodies and sexuality for profit. We were told it was meant for back rooms with coat hangers, not theater stages under bright lights. But if they can use words, then so can we. We will shine a light on those things we’ve been taught to hide, the stories we’ve carried in shame for so long. Every time we gather, we make a statement that they do not control the narrative. They do not dictate our voices. Our words are our own, as our bodies should be. Being here tonight is revolutionary, and we are so grateful that you’ve joined us. We hope that the show changes you the same way it has all of us.

~Tara Wolfe

For those who need additional support tonight, we have compiled a list of resources that can help. From support groups to music therapy, there are many ways to recover, even if traditional therapy doesn't work for you.

Special Thanks

We acknowledge and honor that we are performing on unceded Arapaho, Cheyenne, and Ute land. Native women experience significantly higher rates of sexual assault and domestic violence than other races, and we stand in solidarity with them.


A heartfelt thank-you to Sebastian Wolfe, The Spark, and the Boulder community for welcoming us. And to the women who opened up (sometimes to a complete stranger) to share their story:

thank you will never be enough. 

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About Kinship Theater

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