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Third Kind Improv

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Third Kind Improv is the resident improv troupe for Kinship Theater! What is improv you say? Improv is the art of making up scenes completely on the spot, all while utilizing fun improv games. This interactive art form uses you (yes you! The audience!) to give us ideas to begin our scenes, and you won't believe where they go from there! Our mid form troupe is little bit Whose Line is it Anyway, a little bit SNL, using the best of both worlds to deliver fresh, hilarious scenes that will be gone faster than free doughnuts at a work meeting. So what are you waiting for? If you bothered to read all of this then you are clearly interested, so come check us out! Shows will be posted regularly and can be found here. We can't wait to have you (but only if you promise not to shout out "poop" as your suggestion, okay?)!

In addition to daring feats of improvisation, Third Kind also performs frequent Acts of Kindness with Kinship. Members are dedicated to making their community a funnier, Kinder place to live, and have become an integral part of Kinship's mission. Check out the Acts of Kindness to learn more about these efforts.

If you would like to book Third Kind for your charitable event, please fill out a Contact Form with details about your event and organization.


Prices are reasonable and can be negotiated depending on the event type and the hosting organization. We're always looking for an audience, so give us a shout!

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